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The Merle Debate and Information

There has been some controversy out there on the Blue Merle and Chocolate Merle Schnauzers.

Therefore, I have made this information page for families to read and form their own opinions.
I would (Karen) would personally like to clarify some false accusations about the merles. I have bred Merles for years and have yet to have ever had a unhealthy beautiful dog produced.

I can't count how many times families have contacted me for a Schnauzer pup and have sadly had to euthanize their Miniature Schnauzer at a young age. I have heard every complaint from Diabetis, Pancreatitis, Cataracts, complete blindness, front shoulders dislocating from genetic abnormalities. Cancers ,and the list goes on and on. Why is it that I have had nothing like this in my dogs? I have only purchased my breeding dogs from the excellent reputable breeders in the U.S.

I have found the opposite in the merles. I find that in 99 percent of my Merle puppies they have a far softer and thicker coat, tied with a submissive, loving, and calm personality.

The Merle Gene is a submissive Gene that in itself is NOT a harmful gene. There are unethical breeders who breed merle to Merle.
I only own registered merles with full lineage going all the way back to foundation stock. Our Miniature Schnauzers come from a very well established bloodline. We are now on our 9th Generation and can honestly say we have had zero issues whatsoever.

I also would like to add that I have been contacted by CKC Breeders of Miniature Schnauzers in Canada now on several occasions asking to purchase a Blue Merle puppy with breeding rights and registration. I refused to sell them one as I am very confident in the dogs and reputation I have made for myself and do not want to risk my lines breeding other lines in Canada and coming back pointing a finger at my good health history because he or she was bred to a bad bloodline. 

There are all kinds of accusations about the blue eyed Schnauzers on the internet. These Schnauzers are registered by the AKC. So unless proven otherwise with DNA, they are Miniature Schnauzers.  I am breeding for fun loving healthy pets. I have spent thousands upon thousands to breed these dogs. I love the colours. I love all of it. There is a picture I see often on the internet reguarding Merle Schnauzers. It shows a deformed puppy with bulging eyes out the side. This is a craniofacial abnormality, just like when people have children with cleft palates. This happens in human babies, cats, sheep, goats, cows ect. during pregnancy and in any breed. It is a defect where something is interrupted during pregnancy at the time of the two sides of the face closing.

Again we are proud of our beautiful healthy Blue merles, and will continue to bring joy and love to upcoming families who love the fun colours and appreciate the calm loving temperaments. I can't say in all my years of breeding that I have EVER had a call back with a health issue in a Merle Cockapoo, Schnauzer, or Poodle.

I as a breeder and proud of all our dogs and would never breed a dog I thought or knew would spread sadness and illness to families. I am in this because it is my passion. I LOVE animals! I love grooming bathing trimming nails. I love what I do. I love to do the best job possible raising quality puppies for families.

Nothing is more rewarding than previous adoptive families contacting me with pictures and updates and enjoying puppies we have invested so much of ourselves into from Birth to 8 weeks.