Whoodles (Wheaten Terrier/Poodle)


​Grandfather to the puppies
​Fully Genetic tested
Envy  40 lb
small standard poodle
Mother to the puppies.
​Fully genetic tested and cleared
​Temperament so sweet loving
and Humble

Fully genetic tested
​8 years of wonderful Wheatens
​35 pounds

ENVY and Magor  (Whoodles)
Puppies born   Aug 4 ready to go home approx Sep 29
Now taking deposits
Available in the litter are 1 black female and 2 wheaten coloured females.

Mature weight of these pups is expected to be 30 to 45 lb It is hard to estimate as the could be smaller but Envy is a 40 lb small standard poodle.
​Envy is a sweet  smaller  boned quiet  standard Poodle .Playful but in no way Hyper.
Envy is fully genetic tested.


Now taking applications and deposits.

Puppies are from Fully genetic tested healthy parents.  

Deposit is 200

Mandatory spay neuter contract Pet homes only

Puppies will come with

> Full Guarantee

> Complete vet check

> Microcrochip Implant

> Vaccine

> Very socialized and loved

> Fully dog door trained to use washroom outside.

> Care package

> Many dewormings

> Mandatory return to breeder if pup does not work out

> Life time Breeder support.

ENVY has one wheaten coloured female left in her litter 

Envy's Offspring are expected to be this colour and size full grown. Pups shown are from the same sire as adults.
Envy's puppies expected​​​​​
to be this size full grown.

Imported from Ireland 
Many years retired

Lincoln Sire
Miniature Poodle
​  Fully Genetic tested imported from OHIO

​22 lb

​35 lb

"Front Page Map 2"
​  Fully Genetic tested imported from California

Picture taken 
​Aug 13

2 black female Mini Whoodles left in this litter
Mother to the puppies is Map Born July 27
​Fully genetic tested and cleared
​We have produced several generations from Maps line with no health issues.

These babes are expected to mature at 25 to 30 lb

Now taking deposits and applications.

Ready to go home September 21
I Karen have chosen to help a good friend from the U.S. Who Blessed our family 8 years ago with the most incredible Soft Coated Wheaten terrier "MAGOR"​​​​​​​​​​​

 Soft Coated Wheaten terriers are all homed now
1 whoodle left

  I have never imported such amazing wheatens as hers 8 years ago.

Sadly She has broke several vertabraes in her back and was not able to advertise the pups till they were 4 and half months old.
  She is unable to cope with the pain right now and  our family would like to   bless her the way she blessed us years ago. I Currently have some purebred Whoodle pups from this friend and am screening homes for them.

  Please note-I am not making ANY income from these pups. I am only doing this because these wonderful babes need to get homed.And the breeder is not well.

We do NOT want these babes to end up in any puppy mills. We have had alot of application from breeders and we are NOT homing to breeders. PLEASE only loving pet homes.

The puppies have now arrived and are here at Christian Doodles in our care.We are accepting applications from  families and these pups are ready to go.

These pups come with a full internation vet certificate of health Records of Vaccinations

                  Fully Vaccinated and ready to go!

        Imported from the U.S. 
- 2 complete vet checks including international vet check.  
- Fully Genetic tested parents
- Complete Vaccinating papers and dates including rabies
- Excellent Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier coats
- All the extra expenses of 4 to 5 sets of vaccines completed!

No extra expenses of repetitive trips to the Vet for vaccines THESE babes are for NON BREEDING family homes only. The only requirement is they must be neutered /spayed by 6 months of age.

   We are making 0 profit on this we just want to see these babies get into good homes. Their price is firm.$1600 Canadian.
  So much has been financially invested into the pups already  and flight and import fees on top of it.
Application is on our website.
Soft coated wheaten terriers are the same as Poodles NON shedding Hypoallergenic.

I personally will be guranteeing these pups with my own Health Guarantee so I can honer that committment here in Canada.
  We can also fly the pup to you via West jet cargo if you are in Canada.The cost to you is about 250 plus Kennel.

​      Thank you karen

1 WHOODLE PUPPY READY TO GO! These are the last of the dogs imported from the U.S.
   We are so grateful for all the wonderful families who have welcomed the Wheaten terriers  into their home and family

These babes all have 
BOTH parents have both been DNA tested negative for PLN so there's no chance these Wheatens will inherit the deadly genetic PLN disorder that causes a Wheaten to die of kidney failure by age 6. Both parents come from very long lived, healthy bloodlines.they are up to date on all sets of  vaccinations the pups  will come  with a  Full  a one year health guarantee. 



WILBUR is Ready to go to a home who will appreciate his quiet temperament. He is shy and will take some time to adjust but must be in a home with another dog. ​​ He is lonely on his own as he needs a buddy for confidence. He plays well with another dogs is non aplha .
    He is  He is walking on a leash with us beautifully because he is comfortable with us. Enjoys his baths. Is Gentle and Non barker.
  Wilbur sure needs a family to call his own . 6 months old from good tested Bloodlines.
   Fully kennel trained and sleeps through the night.
  Please apply with our application if you feel you would be a good home for Wilbur.
  Super soft non shedding coat.Whesten terrier cross poodle. but looks almost pure wheaten.



Jenny  and Cowboy are the proud parents of a litter of Cockapoos Born Aug 4 and ready to go home Sep 29

Please apply on our application.
Thank you

Black and white parti male should mature to 15 to 22 lb 18 lb or maybe less

Black male.Expected weight to be 15 to 18 lb or maybe less

Black male.Expected weight to be 15 to 18 lb or maybe less

Up coming litter we are now taking deposits on.



Now taking Applications

COCKAPOOS Due  Approx Sep 6 and pups ready to go approx 1 st week November.

Sire is "JAXON" 

Please Apply now with our application to reserve a space.

Thanks Karen

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