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Cockapoos are ALLERGY FRIENDLY and low to non-shedding. If you have severe allergies, consider one of our hypo-allergenic Schnoodles or Wheaten Terrier's.

Best known for its outgoing and spunky behavior, the Cockapoo is full of character!​​

These small dogs thrive on strong and dependable relationships with humans, and love to play the role of lap dog.

The Cockapoo is very intelligent. As a pet, these dogs are obedient, loyal, loving, and affectionate. This breed adapts well to full-time indoor and apartment living, and views spending time outdoors as a special treat.

Cockapoos are also fabulous with children.

Their average life span is 15-21 years!

All of our Cockapoos are $1900.00 plus GST.

Our MERLE Cockapoos are $2200.00 plus GST.

Our Cockapoo puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.

Our Cockapoos are from Purebred Registered American Cocker Spaniels, and Purebred Registered Miniature Poodles.

Our Cockapoos come in all different colours!

Our Cockapoo puppies will mature to anywhere from 15-22 lbs depending on sex and genetics.

We do our best to breed healthy, well-tempered Cockapoos.

All cockapoos go home with:

1)  Proof of immunizations and a Certificate of Health from a licenced Vetrinarian

3)  Several dewormings 

4)  One year Health Guarantee

5)  Microchip implant

6) Care package

7) Mandatory spay/neuter contract

8) A full spa treatment

Our daughter, Abigail, holding a cockapoo
from our very first litter years ago!

Meet The Parents

"Lady Bug" (Dam)​

Lady-Bug has been completely DNA Genetic Health tested and CLEARED. Lady-Bug is CKC registered.
Lady-Bug is a A very humble and loving girl.
She is out of a Kentucky U.S.A Bloodline.

"Melody" (Dam)


Melody is a F1 Cockapoo  chocolate Merle weighing approx 30 lb and Fully Genetic tested and clear.has been completely DNA Genetic Health tested and CLEARED.

"Sweet Heart" (Dam)

Sweet heart is CKC Registered. Very sweet humble temperament.
​  Always the follower not the instigator. Loves to be loved.

Sweet heart is now retired and homed to a wonderful home.

"Maybeline" (Dam)

Maybeline is a F1 Cockapoo weighing 30 lb and full of love. She is obedient and wants to please everyone .Non barker and Gorgeous coat and Genetics completely Cleared.


"Lexi" (Dam)

Lexi has been completely DNA Genetic Health  tested and CLEARED. Lexi is CKC Registered.
Lexi is extremely sweet.

Lexi is extra special to us because she is the mom of our dear "Forest Gump". Lexi is quiet, and loves attention. She lives to lay in our arms like a baby. 


"Lincoln" (Sire) (Moyan Blue-Merle Poodle)

Lincoln has been cleared for full DNA Genetic Health Testing  for over 150 Genetic health disorders. Lincoln's parents have both been cleared for "P.E.N Hip". We imported Lincoln from OHIO, USA in 2017. 
Lincoln is AKC registered. Lincoln is 22.4 pounds.

Lincoln is gentle and so intelligent. He loves to be wherever you are. Lincoln loves to be held and gives hugs. He has a very calm temperament. This is one dog we would choose to keep forever!

 "Jaxon"Black Phantom Poodle Large miniatire 17 lb

Jaxon is a very fun lovoing boy.Loves to snuggle and also hang out with his friends. Jaxon gets along with everyone and loves to be  a part of everything going on around him.We are thrilled to add jaxon to our breeding program.Jaxon has a beautiful coat and excellent conformation.

"Zola" Moyan Poodle with colours from heaven!
  Zola is always waiting to lay ion your arms and snuggle. Instead of humans needing a therapy dog... the tables are reversed. ZOLA needs a person!
    Zola weighs 30 lb 

" Nutmeg"
  Fully genetic tested deep chocolate Standard poodle.
  Calm temperamant.Loves to be where you are. easy going.
​  And such a gorgeous thick chocoate coat!

GLAMOUR is a a complete large lap dog. her favorite thing is riding the horse and buggy or golfcart to help with chores.
   Glamour is completely heath tested through genetic testing and clear.