Frequently asked questions

  1. Why is my puppy "expensive"?
    Some may ask why our prices are high. However, we are breeding designer, hypo-allergenic dogs in which we invest thousands of dollars into. As stated on our website we ONLY breed DNA Genetic health tested REGISTERED parents, which are often important from the USA in which we pay the American Dollar. When we import our dogs we also have to cover the cost of flight nannys in US dollar as well. It can cost up to $5000.00 USD to purchase a dog for our breeding program.
  2. How come some puppies of the same breed are different priced?
    Genes like Merle and Blue-eyed are from foundation stock. They are all from papered parents that run as deep as nine generations. Meaning we know exactly where they are originated from. We did not just purchase a merle dog off Kijiji. As mentioned above these are designer dogs. We do not just throw two animals together and hope for the best. We have all of our dogs genetic tested and breed strategically and specifically.
  3. Can I have a discount?
    We do not offer discounts unless for a specific reason. We have to feed our dogs year round. We are meticulous with our animals and pay daily expenses for them like air conditioning, heat, building maintenance, insurance, vet visits, vaccinations, de-wormings, dentals, medications, etc. The majority of what we sell our dogs for goes back into the care of our animals.
  4. Do you deliver?
    Other than delivering pups for airport flights, we do NOT deliver our pups. However, if we happen to be coming to Red Deer and it works accordingly, we sometimes meet our Calgary customers there. Almost always pickup will be at the Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic, or near Camrose AB.
  1. Can I come meet my dog at your facility?
    Due to the fact that we have now had three puppies stolen from us and the high risk of PARVOVIRUS, we no longer allow customers out to our farm. We have a large volume of customers we serve, and having hundreds of strangers out to our farm we no longer feel safe in doing so. There is many thefts daily of vehicles, animals, ATV's, etc and we have to do what is best and safe for our business and family. Parvo-virus is very common in Alberta and with high volumes of people it can easily be brought to our facility. Parvo-Virus will put an end to all of the hard work we have put in over the past 14 years. We thank you for your understanding.
  2. When and where can I meet my puppy before I buy it?
    Due to high demand, most of our puppies are sold before their six week check. Because of this high demand, our customers pick usually by sex and colour from photos provided by us. Many of our dogs are flown out all over Canada and are never met in person before they go home. Customers who live local are welcome and ENCOURAGED to come meet their pup at their six week vet check at the Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic. You are welcome to stay for the vet check and play with your pup. We understand most people would like to pick by temperament but we do our best to ensure every dog is well socialized and has a wonderful temperament. Please search "Christian Doodles" on The Better Business Bureau to read more customer reviews.
  3. Can I fly my puppy?
    Absolutely! Not only is it possible, it is also very safe. Over the years we have flown many puppies all over Canada and northern USA. When flying a pup we recommend ONLY flying through West Jet Canada. You can either fly here to meet your pup and fly with your pup as your carry on, or we can ship it to you as Cargo. West Jet requires a $100.00 deposit for flight and you can only book your flight within four days of flight day. It costs Approximately $210.00 to fly your pup anywhere in Canada. We charge a $50.00 fuel fee. If you are flying via Cargo we will supply a brand new small kennel on our own dollar for the flight.


​Why do we breed 3 differnt types of doodles? Simply because we love what we do. We love the gorgeous colours we import. It is very exciting to see each one when they are born .Although alot of work it has been a wonderful jourey the last 15 years.  and such beautiful colours.
   We look at each pup as a  challenge to do our best to make the best family member we can.Alot of people aske "How" we can give them up.My answer to that is that we know when they are born they are for our families. And we are providing the best pet we possibly can.Our reward is hearing back from families with happy stories and pictures. That is our reward.
  Its a tremendoes amount of work but something we truly enjoy.

For all other questions, please ​​​​​​​ contact us .