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Since 2004
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​"As for me and my house; we will serve the Lord"

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All Parents Fully Genetic tested

Welcome to our Family Website!​​​​​​​
We are a family-run business from rural Camrose Alberta, Canada since 2004
BBB Accredited memeber
Our passion is Healthy Non shedding Hypoallergenic puppies of our 3 favorite breeds to be your future loving family member.
"Christian Doodles Alberta".
We Genetic Testes all our dogs thoroughly before breeding.Our Passion is to make Beautiful colours coats and Temperamants. Combining our favorite breeds with Poodle.
Schnauzer/Poodle    Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  poodle
Cocker Spaniel/poodle
CKC and AKC Registered
Imported Quality Reputable Blood lines.

Meet Our Family

Karen, mother of six, animal lover, and
founder of Christian Doodles!

Karen and her four girls:
Megan, Leah, Abigail, and Emily

Karen and her beloved Phillip

In 2006, we were blessed to be able to leave the big city of Edmonton into a 1963 farm house near Camrose, Alberta. Our lives changed drastically as we had all never experienced living in the country or living the "farm life". The girls had never even seen a cow in real life! At first it was a shock, but now we wouldn't have it any other way. Over the years we have been involved with learning and experiencing cows and calving, horse-back riding, animal rescue, and in general, LOTS of work on the farm! Not to mention encounters  with skunks, porcupines and foxes!​​​​​​​​​

Since 2004, our business has grown and changed in many ways. With years of trial and error and new experiences we have built a family-run business we are very proud of.

The Christian Doodles Ranch

Meet Forest-Gump (AKA "Fory")

Forest Gump is a very important part of our family. He was born with an extremely rare conidtion called "Cerbral-Hyperplasia". This disability is also found in human babies, calves, and kittens. When Forest was born our vet felt there was no hope, and that it would be in his best interest to put him to sleep. Because of his rare condition, his brain was not sending the proper signals to his muscles, therefore he could not stand or see properly. His head was always tilted, and he had no balance. Forest was also born with no hearing. 

We are over-joyed to say that today, Forest is our miracle boy. The day we chose to put him to sleep, he stood up with his wobble, and lifted his tilted head towards us. We decided then to give him a chance. Forest went from unable to stand, to a wheelchair, to wobbly-walking and continual falling, to running around almost normal, but in his own special way.

We consider Forest our son. He is the most precious animal here and we literally could not imagine our life withot him. Forest is loved not only by us, but many of our customers and friends all over the world.
Trouble (far right) was one of our very first Cocker Spaniel's for our breeding program. Trouble is now 13 years old and a huge part of our family. She was retired many years ago, and still loves to follow us everywhere to do chores.

Opal (far left) is Trouble's best friend and is now 10 years old. She was also one of our first Cocker's for our breeding program.

These girls depend on one another and won't do anything apart. From chores, to exploring, to countless naps a day (they have it rough) these are our long-time family members that we love dearly. 

Meet "Marge"

"Marge" 12 years old​

"Marge 2 hours old"

We welcomed Marge into our family when she was just two hours old. Marge was the first cow we had ever purchased. We  named her after the farmer's wife who we had adopted her from. Marge was born a twin! 

As we came from the big city and knew nothing about cows, we brought Marge home in our minivan. Since that day Marge has had three calves out here at the farm. We called a farmer out to  "preg-check" our Marge, when he arrived he asked "which cow would you like me to check? that one there whom has baby that is minutes old laying right beside her?". Marge had already had her  baby!

We still laugh to this day, and we named her baby "Suprise". We still have our "Margie" and Suprise, and love them both dearly. Marge is now twelve and Suprise is ten. Suprise's most recent baby is "Snowball" born in 2016. (See photos in the gallery).

Who said cows can't be pets too?

"Snow Ball"

Meet "DOC"

"Doc" is our faithful horse we have had since he was two. Doc has given many of our family and friends the confidence to ride a horse. He is so easy to trust! After many years spent with Doc, he has become part of our family. 

Doc is now 11 and sadly he suddenly went blind in 2017. He has adjusted well and trusts us. He loves to drive and be ridden still despite his lack of vision! We are now his eyes!


Meet "Our new mini donkeys" added to our family Oct 2019. These little sweethearts were in need of a home and Phil with his soft heart could not refuse

Welcome baby Larissa (named after karens favorite show) 
"90 day fiance"Born Aug 12 2019

"WOLFIE" our Timber wolf is now 9 years old. He spends his days laying in the sun and hanging out with his best friend Theodore. Theodore is now retired from our breeding program. Theo is a mini schnauzer who refuses to be without his best friend.

"Jock" was our precious LLAMA who sadly has now passed away due to old age. He was 19 years old when he passed.He always was a sweet gentle soul.​