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Since 2004
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​"As for me and my house; we will serve the Lord"

We will reply back to you as soon as possible if not please be patient as we our outside taking care of our critters and will contact you back as soon as we can 

Please note we try our hardest to take sundays for our family and church

Thank you 

All Parents Fully Genetic tested

Welcome to our Family Website!​​​​​​​
We are a family-run business from rural Camrose Alberta, Canada since 2004
BBB Accredited memeber
Our passion is Healthy Non shedding Hypoallergenic puppies of our 3 favorite breeds to be your future loving family member.
"Christian Doodles Alberta".
We Genetic Testes all our dogs thoroughly before breeding.Our Passion is to make Beautiful colours coats and Temperamants. Combining our favorite breeds with Poodle.
Schnauzer/Poodle    Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  poodle
Cocker Spaniel/poodle
CKC and AKC Registered
Imported Quality Reputable Blood lines.

Our Program

All you need to know about Christian Doodles

Dear Friends, 

We are so pleased that you are interested in getting a puppy from Christian Doodles! We truly enjoy what we do, and are proud of each of the dogs that we raise. ​​

To produce a healthy, happy puppy, one must first start with healthy parents. With that in mind, we have imported healthy studs (including some from Champion lines) from the US  with good history behind them.

Not only do we import our studs, we DNA Genetic Test EVERY single dog before we breed. We will ONLY breed Genetically CLEARED dogs. To see exactly what we test for, click here.

 We invest countless hours year-round in caring for our breeding mothers, fathers and puppies, and make sure that they are kept well vaccinated and fed a very nutitious rich raw diet of fresh meat with the right amount of organ liver  fine ground raw bone and tripe . We currently are spendiong over 4000.00 per month in care of our dogs. (Yes we have the receipts to prove what we claim) We do not believe in adding to poorly bred dogs that end up with severe behavior issues from bad breeding.The temperamant and Nutritional needs of our Breeding parents along with Genetic health testing is very important to us.Any dog that does not clear this testing and temperament we want to achieve is then spayed or neutered and a good family home screened.

We are very careful and take every precaution necessary to not have the parvo virus brought in. We are pleased to say in 15 years of raising beautiful healthy puppies we have NEVER had any incidents to date of  the parvo virus in our puppies. Puppies are given several vaccines before leaving to help protect them further from the Parvo Virus.

Our mothers are well vaccinated prior to breeding to give puppies optimal immunity to the Parvo-Virus and sanitizing baby pens is kept up for their protection.

We do our best to keep the dog runs and play areas picked up of  all feces after feeding twice  a day.

  Our breeding dogs all have turns in our home. We love all our dogs like family. 3 Large playgrounds are set up with play climbing equipment and they all have turnes through the day to run and play. Our dogs have far more play time than any average house hold pet. At no time are our dogs locked in kennels in the actual dog kennel. Every dog has free access 24 hours per day to go from their 5x5 room through the dog door into a fenced yard.

 We are not against kennel training  for house dogs but our actual dog kennel is not set up like .
   Many people assume we  collect large amounts of income on our dogs. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Our vet bills alone are around 100,000 per year ,our high quality food,our Airconditioning at the kennel,running 2 extra furnaces,on top of 275 watt heat lamps over the puppies for the first 5 weeks to not let their immune systems lower as puppies cannot regulate body heat properly

We have a passion. Its not easy living that passion always.It is alot of hours of work every day and sometimes heavy work.

​This is why we love hearing back from our customers and seeing updated pictures on all the babies we love!


We want to be sure that we can provide you with the healthiest, best nourished, and most socialized puppy that we can. We want to know that our investment in your puppy's health and the hours we spend socializing him or her will have a lifelong return. ​​

Very sincerely, 

Christian Doodles 

Moms are in our living room where they give birth in our vet kennel and monitored closely for temperature and well being.They also love our company as we have our living room and kitchen connected.We leave the TV on at night for extra comfort for mom.


We have a extreme amount of work here.Our FIRST priority is the care of our animals and family.
  We have just taken on a very large rescue of dogs and have definately overfilled our plate with work.Please know we have received many  applications and have to go through them methodically and contact each person back.
  I KAREN have puppies to socialize, deworming, dog bathing, grooming, food to prepare, vet appointments,  and spending quality time with my adults and your future breeding pups growing up,  poop patrol daily, a family to cook for, and rescues to care for.
  I rarely check the messages on my ph as their are far too many in a day to even answer or I would be on the ph till night time. However if you fill out an application and send me a text its far easier to reserve a pup for you.If you do not text please indicate in application. we are not a big buisness with secretaries and workers.Some people have gotten very impatient when we do not answer them immediately.
   Please read our program page entirely. This answers alot of questions people text me with repeatedly.
   We do provide updated pics of your selected pup several times.
    and of course can answer questions.
   If we do not answer your text we are not ignoring you.Sometimes I can read it and get side tracked and forget.So please resend later if I have not answered. I do the best I can but am only human and can only do so much with up to 30 emails a day and over 40 text messages from people a day.Due to many hand surgeries my texting is not great as my ph always thinks I want to add a ( . ) repeatedly. Its very frustrating for me but I cant seem to fix the problem.
​   Thank you for your understanding.
    Im in my 50s now so not the super woman I used to be! However I want to do the best job I can to raise a awsome puppy for you and that requires time!


What we reccomend

We believe in clean feeding, not processed food. Especially while babies are forming in their mothers. We have fully converted our dogs to natural raw food and minimal kibble. Only in certain situations we will feed kibble. The only kibble we will feed is KIRKLAND puppy food. We have fed Kirkland for 14 years and after trying several other brands, we feel this one is best. Ultimately we recommend a raw diet over any kibble.
Just as humans need raw natural, un-preserved food, so do animals. Raw food contains live, natural bone meal un-cooked, which is high in calcium and other vital nutrients . We also purchase fresh beef bones from a local butcher for our dogs to chew rather than preserved raw hides. We have found an unbelieveable difference in the health of our puppies and dogs since we have transitioned them onto their raw diet. Not only is there a difference in their coat, but their over character.
Some days we make our own raw food here at the farm adding things like raw eggs from the local hutterites, Nupro natural supplement, fresh veggies, kelp, vitamin D, fish oil etc. 

We also purchase and feed "Ultimate Chicken" from www . out of Lacombe, Alberta. We find they have very good quality food and we highly reccomend our customers continuing with a raw diet. To swith up their proteins, we also purchase Salmon blocks from
 Some people picture feeding hunks of raw meat. It is quite clean. We buy our raw in individual meals and feed them in frozen blocks twice per day. It is very simple and also cleans their teeth.Carbohydrates in kibble put a film on the teeth causing tarter.

For more information contact Karen here at Christian Doodles and she will be happy to assist you in finding a provider for raw food.Our pups also have free range to eat "Kirkland Puppy" food from Costco.

We recommend to all of our customers to get educated about the good and bad of pr0cessed dog food. Please watch  "Pet Fooled" by Dr. Becker.  It is featured on Netflix. Or can be ordered on Amazon.

All our puppies are moved from the Nursery to the Kennel at 3 1/2 - 4  weeks of age.They are then started on Raw Chicken with Liver, fresh ground bone meal and Tripe.Kirkland puppy is in their hanging feeders 24 hours a day.
  Mom remains with them and they also nurse until weaning begins slowly at 6 weeks of age.

At this time they are moved to the kennel the doggie door training begins.Venturing to the great out doors in snow or shine to use the wash room.

Potty Training-
How we start your pup

All puppies are taught to go through the doggie door from a young age of four weeks. We believe it is important for the babies to see larger adult dogs daily as the exposure helps them as  they face the big world when they go home. 

We believe pups should learn from the beginning to use the washroom outside of the house not inside. They are accustomed quickly to running through their dog door even in cold temperature, rain, sunshine or snow.

*Please note* just because your pup is trained to go outside through our dog door, does not mean they come home fully trained.  Your responsibility is teaching them where your facility is and how to ask to get out. (If you already have a dog door, training will be quicker.)
We do NOT under any circumstances use pee pads to start your pup's washroom training. Pee pads will create an awful habit for your pup in the future. If they see something like a bathroom floor mat or entry rug they may think it's ok to use it. 
Many people ask how to washroom train their new pup. One of the best ways that we recommend is bell training. You can purchase a bell online or at local pet stores. This is a nice way to train your pup to ask to go outside. For more information on bell training, click the link below.


1. Day 1-19, baby puppies need warmth, food, massage, sleep

2. Day 20-49, infant puppies learn to play, learn limits, and learn dominance

3. Day 50-84 (7-12 weeks) puppies learn independence and relationships with people and other animals, and they learn fear

4. Week 12-16, puppies learn self-confidence, that they must obey and the difference between play and work

We do our best to handle the puppies and expose them to touch. We handle them on their backs and tummies. They have multiple nail trims before they go home as well. This ensures they are used to it before they go home.Two practice baths to have them used to water and the sound of water.

We try to make their first bath a pleasant experience by talking to them and gently reassuring them that water is ok. A lot of the pups enjoy laying under the warm water and relaxing. Your pup will have their first bath usually at six weeks before their vet check, and again at eight weeks when they go home to you.

Puppies are also socialized with large dogs very well before they go home.


Genetic Health Testing Completed on our Parents

We believe strongly that breeding just "A DOG" to "A DOG" is not a safe way to breed.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ We get so many heart wrenching calls of families with severe health issues in their present dog because of not doing their home work first. We are not saying our dogs are perfect. We are saying we do due diligence to the best of our ability to import good blood lines and have genetic testing done in hopes of producing good healthy dogs for years to come.

Below is a list of what we test for. It was very foreign to us until we imported a champion blood-line Cocker Spaniel who had several of these conditions. It made us realize that these things can pop up in young adulthood of a dog. Sadly she was put tp sleep as she had a severe case of "Exercise enduced Collapse" and we had no choice but to end her suffering.

Thankfully Dolly's inherited disease was discovered before we ever bred her.

All of our breeding dogs have tested negative for carrying the PRA gene, making it impossible for any of our pups to carry this gene as well. All of our adults are tested and CLEARED for over 150 genetic disorders. Once again, we are not claiming to have perfect dogs, however we have rest in knowing our dogs are cleared for many of these genetic disorders.


About Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is an inherited disease of the retina (the “film in the camera”) in dogs, in which the rod cells in the retina are programmed to die. PRA occurs in both eyes simultaneously and is nonpainful. There are many different types of inherited retinal degenerative diseases in purebred dogs, and discussing these are beyond the scope of this article. PRA occurs in most breeds of dogs and also occurs in mixed breeds. It is recessively inherited in all breeds studied,Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is an inherited disease of the retina (the “film in the camera”) in dogs, in which the rod cells in the retina are programmed to die. PRA occurs in both eyes simultaneously and is nonpainful. There are many different types of inherited retinal degenerative diseases in purebred dogs, and discussing these are beyond the scope of this article. PRA occurs in most breeds of dogs and also occurs in mixed breeds. It is recessively inherited in all breeds studied,Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is an inherited disease of the retina (the “film in the camera”) in dogs, in which the rod cells in the retina are programmed to die. PRA occurs in both eyes simultaneously and is nonpainful. There are many different types of inherited retinal degenerative diseases in purebred dogs, and discussing these are beyond the scope of this article. PRA occurs in most breeds of dogs and also occurs in mixed breeds. It is recessively inherited in all breeds studied,Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is an inherited disease of the retina (the “film in the camera”) in dogs, in which the rod cells in the retina are programmed to die. PRA occurs in both eyes simultaneously and is nonpainful. There are many different types of inherited retinal degenerative diseases in purebred dogs, and discussing these are beyond the scope of this article. PRA occurs in most breeds of dogs and also occurs in mixed breeds. It can be recessively inherited in all breeds.



  Do we Dock Tails?

We believe tails  are very important for dogs. If a dog has a tail it means that it has a function.

A very important function is communication. We all know well how dogs wag their tails when they are showing happiness. Dogs use their tails to communicate with other dogs. Dogs without tails may encounter problems in communicating fear, play or aggression when around other dogs. This could cause serious miscommunications and eventually fights. Undocked dogs may approach dogs without tails with caution as they cannot interpret their mood effectively.

Docked dogs on the other hand, may not communicate aggression properly and may upgrade to a bite if the other dogs does not back off when needed.

For example, years ago a family came and adopted a Cockapoo puppy. They called back later devastated as their puppy had been killed by another dog thinking she was threatening them as she was docked.

Another drawback in dock tailed dogs is the fact that they lack the important balancing function of the tail. Tails also play an important role during swimming.

Luckily, more and more veterinarians are refusing this practice and so are some countries that have started to ban it. Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are some of these countries; hopefully many others will shortly follow. So far the most common practitioners of tail docking seem to derive from the breeders.

We DO NOT dock tails any longer. We are totally against it. We feel it it mutilation and totally not necessary.

We believe dogs were made with tails and dogs should have tails in our opinion. We trust you will understand our view on this. 

Thank you.



Un-docked Cockapoo 

Un-docked Schnauzer 

Un-docked Wheaten

Why Don't we Remove Front Dewclaws?

The Function Of The Dewclaws

Front dewclaws are typically removed by some at 3-5 days of age, because they are believed to be a non-functional digit that poses an unnecessary risk for being injured.
In standing, the front dewclaw may not appear to be functional because it doesn't come in contact with the ground. However, observing the dewclaw when the dog is in motion tells a different story.

Five tendons attach to the dewclaw and play an important role when the dog is in motion. For example:

- When a dog’s lead leg is on the ground during the gallop or canter, the dewclaw is on the ground to stabilize the carpus

- When a dog turns, the dewclaw digs into the ground to support the structures of the limb and prevent torque 

If a dog does not have dewclaws, there is a higher potential for the carpal ligaments to stretch and tear which could result in laxity and arthritis over time (OUCH!). This can then result in more stress being generated through the dog's carpus, elbow, shoulder, and spine as it tries to compensate for the lack of digit.

On the other hand, the rear dewclaws do not have associated tendons and are considered non-functional (though they may be required for some breed standards to be present).

In speaking with many vets, you would be surprised at how few dewclaw injuries they see.

So- given the front dewclaws' functional use, why are we so quick to remove them?

In dogs, the most common injuries seen by many rehab providers and vets occur in the shoulder complex, yet we don’t see shoulders being removed. Food for thought!



How do we Select our Puppy?
​How do we Meet our Puppy?


We are asked every day how to select a pup because we no longer have families out to our farm due to puppy theft and The dangers of our world today.

Many of our babies are sold on deposit as soon as they are born.We now have families pick the puppy by color and sex. 

We watch their temperament as they grow. If we feel this puppy is not what you are wanting we notify you.

When you meet your puppy if you are not happy with that puppy you may choose another from up coming litter or have a refund.

We are very careful to select Dogs who have had full genetic health panels and good temperaments. If we raise our breeding mother from a puppy and she shows aggression issues or hyperactivity we spay her and home as a pet and never breed her. The same goes for our males. Almost all our breeding mothers and fathers are imported tested and raised by us from babies.

Everyone is  welcome to come for a one hour visit to the Vet clinic on their 6 week vet check. Many of our puppies are flown out to other provinces and countries therefore many families never see their puppy until he/she  arrives.
Everyone has been happy with their puppies so far. 

If when you meet your puppy at his/her vet check or on pickup and are not satisfied then your full deposit will be returned to you. It has never happened  yet. 

For many years we enjoyed visiting with many families who would come out and visit and pick their pup, however due to the theft of 3 pups now right at the 8 week mark we have decided not to do this anymore. Not only is it risking our families safety to invite so many strangers to our home, it also endangers our puppies of coming in contact with Parvo Virus and other diseases brought in on people, car tires, ect.

We understand some people have concerns about trust when they cannot come out and see the pups, however the safety of our family is number one. The Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic has dealt with our dogs and pups for many years and can vouch for the care we give our animals.

We have been breeding since 2004 and have a good understanding of what qualities families are looking for in a dog. We help with the selection with pictures and details and our own opinion on what pup we feel may be the right match.


Karens Recipe made for a daily diet for our dogs.


I (Karen) am not a vet. However I have been asked to share how we feed our dogs.
  This is  how I make it.

-In a crock pot soak a bag of pot barley in covered in water according to package over night.

- The next morning turn the pot barley on to cook with suficient water add a little basil,ginger,corriander,ennel seeds and a few table spoons full of coconut oil or flax seed oil. When almost cooked I add 1 dozen eggs to the mix in the crock pot mix well and continue to cook untill finished.
In a  large pot put broccali ,caulilower,Turnip,zuccini,parsnips,carotts,apple,celery,sweet potatoe,kale.
   cook until soft. I use a fair bit of water. (Raw vegetable are hard on a dogs digestive system.Never use onions)

 I then mash it all with a potatoe masher well and then add my soggy cooked barley. Mix all together.I also like to add a 1/4 tsp of dried kelp to their daily diets and a small pinch of Spirolona. 
 I freeze this is small sandwhich zip lock bags and put the little bags into a large freezer bag and freeze.This also works in Ice cube trays.

  I then take my raw meat I purchase(whole ground turkey or chicken with bone and organ meat and tripe)This can be purchased at 'Complete k9' in Lacombe AB.Or you can purchase raw chiocken or Turkey patties at local pet stores like "Tail Blazers" They are a local health food pet store found in different cities like Red Deer,Calgary,,Edmonton ect.

 Other local pet stores also carry raw.

Please note this is only a topper to add to your raw meat for extra nutrition and digestion. The main part of the meal is raw mixed in before feeding or if you are not comortable with raw you can also cook it.


Raw chicken,ground in with bone cartilage,organ liver and tripe.


Spirulina is a blue-green Algae packed with essential nutrients and vitamins.
 We also add Spirulina to our dogs diets. Spirulina is a immune booster that increases the production of antibodies and white blood cells.The dogs seems to love it too!


We also add KELP to our dogs diets.

Kelp is a leading source of iodine Minerals,Potassium,Magnesim,and iron.
  We either mix it in during the mashing of the vegies or add a pinch a day.

For families who work full time and feel overwhelmed with making their own dogs food there are reputable companies who sell frozen patties already made up by the case with vegies and kelp added.​​​​​​​​​​​
  Calgary area families
I highly recommend
For in between snacks our dogs love to share a banana,almond ,cheese, butter,and apples.Boiled egg is also a good snack.
We truly believe lots of exercise and fresh air and sunshine are detrimental to the dogs health.​
​   We love to take them out with the golf cart and let the bigger dogs run beside us.
Rescue dogs use this 1 acre enclosed play ground to hang out in during quarantine. It is heavily treed and well set up with play equipment.
We are very limited where we can take our dogs for outings as we have to be so careful not bring germs home to the pups. But the sure love their 3 playgrounds one is 2  acres and the other 2 are 1 acre.
  Its just a wonderful place to hang out with the dogs and love on them all as they smother us with kisses.Please note our dogs are NOT in small kennels locked up they are free to go through their dog door to the outside yards at anytime 24 hours a day. Everyone has turns in the house.However we tend to be outside with them more than inside our home.
West jet Cargo measuring,weighing and signing in a pup ready for flight.

West jet has always done a excellent job of flying our puppies in canada. 
  Please note we canot book your puppies flight more than 4 days ahead of flight. This is West Jets rules not ours.
  We book your flight and give you a confirmation number with day and time to pick your pup up at west Jet Cargo.
Flight including new Airline approved kennel is $300.
  Many people ask us if it is stressful for their pup.We do not think it is. We have flown pups for years.Puppy is cozy in their little kennel like a den and warm.They sleep through most of it. Adult dogs are different. Adult dogs over think it all. Puppies dont.All West Jet Cargo areas where puppy kennels are secured are heated and pressurized the same as the passenger area in the same compartment as the pilot below the pilots floor Whatever  temperature the pilot sets his comfort to is the same temperature the puppies ride in.