Please note-

  These are not our own dogs however they were surrendered to us as they could no longer stay where they were.
   They have been Vetted,Spayed Neutered,Vaccinated and microchipped.
Some ate 19 week od pup some are adults.
  We are not giving them away. We have large vet bills to Cover on these Vet bills. We will never recoup all the money going into them but our no 1 goal is to get them placed into good loving homes.
   If you feel you are the right home or know friends or family searching for a "American Cocker Spaniel"  or miniature Schnauzer please apply with our puppy application form.
  Thank you Karen


is under 2
 He is a purebred small solid little HAVANESE non shedding breed.
 He will be

and Microchipped.

neutering coming up and he will then be up for adoption.
  he will do good in a home with no small children. he is timid but also loves to be loved. He would make a great lap dog.He flourishes off snuggling.
​His adoption fee is 800


"Stewart Little"
Has now been adopted to a wonderful home


Male American Cocker Spaniel

​  Busy boy! Very loving and loves to be with you.. will be your little buddy who follows you everywhere. Just too much love in this little guy.Gets along with everyone!
very sweet small cocker.
Full of life!

Cupid has now been Neutered,Microchipped,had his minor cherry eye repaired and had a full dental cleaning and health check. Vaccines and ready to go to his new home. he gets along well with other dogs and people. Not a mean bone in this little guys body.
​   Sleeps through the night in his kennel.  His adoption fee is $800





is one of our own personal girls. She is now spayed healthy and ready to retire with her new family who will love her and spend time snggling. She is a real love.Yoyo is 5 years old

​Adoption fee 200