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Welcome to our Family Website!​​​​​​​
We are a family-run business from rural Camrose Alberta, Canada since 2004
BBB Accredited memeber
Our passion is Healthy Non shedding Hypoallergenic puppies of our 3 favorite breeds to be your future loving family member.
"Christian Doodles Alberta".
We Genetic Testes all our dogs thoroughly before breeding.Our Passion is to make Beautiful colours coats and Temperamants. Combining our favorite breeds with Poodle.
Schnauzer/Poodle    Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  poodle
Cocker Spaniel/poodle
CKC and AKC Registered
Imported Quality Reputable Blood lines.

Schnauzer/Schnoodle Testimonials
  1. "Lola"
    Today we celebrate Lola on her Birthday. We feel so blessed to have her a part of our family.
  2. "Da-Vinci"
    Thank you Karen!!! We are so Blessed to have you in our lives!!! You have two times picked the most perfect fur baby for me!!! DaVinci is adorable and full of funny antics that make us laugh. Picasso loves his new bro, even if DaVinci is the alpha. He is so smart and learns so quickly. Loves to jiggle the bells on the door when he wants to go outside! — feeling in love
  3. "Reno"
    Hi Karen, this is steve from fort McMurray. May 6 2014 I picked up a puppy, we named him Reno not sure if you remember however I am interested in a 4 th male schnauzer. He is amazing, hence why we have chosen to contact you again. He's so funny, tough yet extremely loving and cuddly and intelligent!! Let just chalk it up to AMAZING!! A little yappy but with all the positives we can handle that! He's such a great fit in the salon life as well!!
  4. "Mira"
    Hi Karen, We just want to thank you for what a lovely dog Mira has become. She's almost 6 months now, and she's incredibly sweet and fun-loving. Mira is so smart and catches onto things easily, she learned how to sit shortly after we got her. She adapts well to anything, and does fine on her own as well when we are unable to be home. Thank you for breeding such a gorgeous girl and answering our questions, especially at the beginning when we picked her up. The amount of advice we received blew us away and thank you for ensuring we had the best experience!
  5. "Arlo"
    Arlo has been settling into our family so well! He is relaxed, polite and so loveable! We are so in love with him and he steals the heart of everyone he meets! He already knows "sit" and "shake a paw"! Absolutely fantastic! He only had two accidents in the first week and hasn't since! He picked up using the bells so fast! He's such a fast learner. He's great with children, very friendly to all people and other pets. He’s doing amazing! He is so full of love and happy energy. Seriously, your dogs are the best! He is so handsome and absolutely friendly! Arlo is a fantastic puppy and we couldn’t be happier! He has brought us so much joy!
  6. "Stash"
    Stash is doing awesome Karen. Vet gave her shots including bordatella & a clean bill of health. Bathroom training is going really well & she is learning to ring a bell to go out...she is very smart. She & my cats are having fun playing taking turns chasing each other. She sleeps through the night in a kennel beside the bed where she can see us. The only time she wimpers is when she needs to go out. She loves my grandkids & they love her. It's been 16 years since we had a puppy in the house, but she is making things easy. She's eating like a little horse now & even though I know she's not needing it anymore she still gets honey @ bedtime...OK I know....she's spoiled but that's why we have pets right!?
  7. "Luke"
    We are blessed to have him! He has brought us so much joy!! He comes to work with me! we love him so much!
  8. "Dakota"
    Dakota has been a joy and is healthy and happy and has adapted to our family beautifully. He is 15 lbs. and full of energy. He has a lovely personality with a great combination of feisty playfulness and loving contentment. His permanent teeth are coming in now so he chews a good deal on the many toys he has as well as a few of our fingers (learning quick those are not toys). As always it amazes me how a dog can change the entire dynamics of a family for the better. Donna Guess who I'll be going to when the time comes for my next fur baby?"
  9. "Piccaso"
    Picasso is so very precious and has brought so much laughter into our home. You pick the most perfect little medicine man for me... Thank you so much for all the pictures you took of him and sent to me every week, and for all the time you took to text me almost everyday about adopting a puppy from Christian Doodles... from January to the day I picked my little guy up. And still keeping in touch - I not only got my precious little guy, but also gained a very special friend. Thank you Karen! Sheryl
  10. "Bailey"
    Bailey is the most perfect puppy you could ever meet. She is so calm and smart. Everyone absolutely adores her. I take her every day to the dog park by my house and everyone knows her name. I just took her for her first schnauzer cut this week and she is booked to get spade next week. I can't tell you just how much my family loves Bailey.Before I take Bailey to the dog park every morning we walk the kids to the school bus stop. There are around 30 kids who swarm her every day. It's like she's a rock star - LOL
  11. Name Unknown
    Name Unknown
    Oh my goodness. You trained him so well:) he keeps going outside to pee and poop. He hasn't even done anything in the house yet. He's so sweet Megatron is 6 months now. She is a great dog. Very good with other dogs and kids very loving and loyal. She loves to play and go for walks. Thank you Christian doodles for all your help and knowledge. Natasha & Eric
  12. "Milo"
    Milo has brought joy to our lives since day one. He is such a cute little puppy, full of energy, excitement and love. He is like an alarm clock in the morning (5:15 am to be exact) and when he's up, we're also up! I've never been so sleep-starved in my life. Its like having a 2-year old kid again but we're loving him like crazy. We've got a big extended family and everybody just loves him. He's now 3 months old and we've only had him for a month now, but it feels like he's been with us for years. I've taken more pics and videos of him in a month than with my kids in all their 20+ years life. Milo is our little baby and we live him to death! Thanks, Karen! You have been instrumental in this wonderful change in our life!
  13. "Ruby"
    A friend who is going on 80, and has always had two dogs in her home, and whose daughter is a breeder, told me Ever is the cutest pup she's ever seen AND that she must have been well socialized because she's so friendly and easy going in new places. I see that behaviour everywhere we've been. You should be proud of the work you do. We are proud of Ever and love her to pieces already! I believe she has bonded to us already and has settled in to our house in only one nite! Manitoba
  14. "Lily"
    We love little Lily, she was the big Christmas surprise. She is a cuddly, smart, playful, sweet natured puppy! Her coloring is so pretty & her fur is so soft. She rings her bell when she has to go outside and we have already taught her to sit and lay down. We are so glad that she's a part of our family!
  15. Name Unknown
    Name Unknown
    He is the sweetest thing ever!!! Such a great personality:). And he gets along with our other dogs. Our cat is starting to show patients with him as well. Just a lovely fit for our family!!
  16. Name Unknown
    Name Unknown
    She's very lovey, friendly, great with kids, loves playing with other dogs. Tries hard to please. Talks a lot. lol. She also gets along with cats and chickens. Steals the cat food though :-)
  17. Name Unknown
    Name Unknown
    Hi Karen, We have had our puppy for about a month now and I have to tell you he is amazing!! It is extremely evident the love and care you give these puppies. Everyone that meets him loves him!! People are shocked when we say he came to us trained! You do an outstanding job loving and caring for and teaching these precious babies. You, Miss Karen are a wonderful person!! I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have found you! Our Chappie is so smart, loving, gorgeous and cute and handsome and oh so mischievous and playful and he sleeps through the night! Hi Karen, This pic is of her first haircut. Callie is a very smart & playful & a joy to us. Once she masters obedience classes we hope to get her into agility courses. She' quick to learn ( when it suits her) & happiest when she's active - boundless puppy energy. Pat & Harry
  18. "Kubo"
    He has adjusted well to his new home. He started puppy training last week which is a great learning experience for us as well as him. He loves to cuddle, wake the kids every morning with loving kisses to the face and dart around the house chasing empty water bottles. He has a clean bill of health and a loving personality. Everyone is his friend. Thank you Karen for such an well adjusted, beautiful puppy. All the information you have provided has been invaluable since we were newbie puppy parents. Tracy and family
  19. "Rudy"
    Hi Karen, Rudy is awesome with the kids! Gets so excited and gives them tons of kisses when then get home from school. And he loves playing fetch and chase with them. Thanks again - he's just the best dog!
  20. "Bentley"
    Hi Karen, He carries one ear up and one down (though he is able to hold them both erect if he wishes). Too cute. Haircut pretty shaggy at this point but he is slowly getting used to grooming tools. He is calm, affectionate, playful, and so smart he’s scary! We are eternally grateful to you for our little Bentley. ​Kindest Regards, ​Sharon and Randy
  21. "Arrow" & "Harley"
    "Arrow" & "Harley"
    Hi Karen! They are both doing great. Arrow is just the happiest little puppy around. He always seems to have a grin on his face. He makes us laugh every day! He is the best edition to our family Harley and Arrow. They are two of the best dogs around. Always making us laugh and wanting to cuddle right up next to you. Arrow got a hair cut and he rediscovered that he had a tail. I sent you a little video. Arrow is the chattiest puppy around and he always seems to have something to say. Harley is just the most handsome dog and we got a full schnauzer cut on him at the groomers. Laurren The boys love him! When they pet him on his walks he walks faster so they call it turbo pets;). Cooper follows the boys everywhere in the house:) Everyone just loves him! People stop us constantly on our walks to pet him. We met one of his relatives, Shadow...3yrs old. He's doing really well:).
  22. Names unknown
    Names unknown
    He's the most beautiful boy I've seen! That was even before getting lost in those deep blue eyes, you guys have bred another amazing litter. As mentioned before, not only do you guys breed amazing looking dogs we believe they are being brought into this world and raised with love and care, which is very important to us as buyers/owners.
  23. "Jack"
    Jack has such a good temperament. Every morning when I go to wake up the kids for school, he follows me into their rooms and barks to wake them up.And then he sits beside their beds until they wake up. If you ever have anyone looking to visit one of your dogs, please feel free to give them our contact info! This breed of yours is the best!
  24. "Ellie" (Schnoodle)
    "Ellie" (Schnoodle)
    Ellie very quickly became my best friend. She's fun, lovable, and never leaves my side. She enjoys playing and ripping things apart but over all she is the best side kick! When I first got Ellie it was like an ultimate bond, I never wanted to leave her and she'd always curl up and lay right by my neck. Even now at 6 months, and 6x the size she still does the same!
  25. "Tessa"
    Little Tessa got her first haircut at the groomers yesterday and her coat is so incredibly beautiful! The groomer said she did great and thought she was just a doll, of course we agree. For training Tessa rings her bell when she needs to potty and in the last week has only had three accidents, we are impressed. She is also working on 'sitting' and 'laying down', such a quick learner. She is an absolute joy and being such fun to our family, we couldn't imagine our life without her ❤❤❤❤🐾 Thank you for raising such great puppies
  26. "Tucker"
    Hi Karen!! Tucker is the most wonderful dog. We took him camping the last 2 weeks. (he's a little shaggy cause Tony didn't want him to get cold in the mountains lol...haircut tomorrow!!) He was the best little camper. We were so happy with how good he only 7 months!! I was worried about bringing the raw food but our camper freezer worked out great! We love him so much!! He's sweet, and already has his own little personality. We are forever greatful to you for this little lovely furbaby. We took this picture on top of Parker Ridge (south of Columbia Icefields). He loves hiking!! And he also learned to swim too. Hope all is well with you!! Pierrette.
  27. "Bentley"
    Hi Karen. Our darling Bentley is now 5 and a half months old and he was neutered today. We are going to drop the vet certificate in the mail shortly. In the meantime we thought you’d like to see a couple of pictures from when he was a “mere” 5 months old....and out camping with us in our motor home. He carries one ear up and one down (though he is able to hold them both erect if he wishes). Too cute. Haircut pretty shaggy at this point but he is slowly getting used to grooming tools. He is calm, affectionate, playful, and so smart he’s scary! We are eternally grateful to you for our little Bentley. ​ Kindest Regards ​ Sharon and Randy
  28. "Rudy"
    I karen , Rudy is awesome with the kids! Gets so excited and gives them tons of kisses when then get home from school. And he loves playing fetch and chase with them 😊 Thanks again - he's just the best dog!
  29. "Elvis"
    You are doing such a great job and are so passionate about breeding dogs. Your heart is in it that is why they come so beautiful. Elvis is the sweetest doggy ever. We adore him. He is healthy and a blessing every singe day. We thank you so much for having such a awesome litter and for being a great breeder.
  30. "Bailey"
    Bailey is doing great! She is a sweetheart. Very easy to train. She came almost fully housetrained. Only 4 accidents to date!!!! I am so impressed. She comes sits plays catch. Knows what no means. She loves to cuddle. She comes to work with me and behaves! Very impressive in such a small pup. So intelligent. Thank you.
  31. "Frankie"
    Franky update: Hi Karen! Franky has been the most wonderful adventure! He is growing up so fast and turning into the most lovable, funny, and loyal little guy. He is so great with other dogs and everyone he meets! He is a very chill little dude and loves to cuddle. His favorite part of the day is when we walk and play in the snow! He is so smart and so well behaved that I am able to let him off leash at only four months! Thank you again for this little angel, Franky is such a blessing and I am honored to be part of his pack
  32. "Sasha"
    Our puppy is very smart,,happy and full of love and kisses,,sleeps all night since the second night she was with us,,, and goes to the back door for potty ,,,started to play fetch and bring back the toy on her second day with us,,,,when I talk to her she looks right in my eyes and listen,,,like a little person lol,,I could go on but will stop right here lol
  33. "Monty" (schnoodle)
    "Monty" (schnoodle)
    Hi Karen. Our little guy 'Monty' recently turned the big '1'. He is such a lovely guy! He is so gentle, loving and so smart. His favourite spot is anywhere beside you. He is well loved by all who meet him. A great addition to our family. We are really lucky to have found a breeder like Karen. Our vet was so impressed with his health and his temperament. Thank you for being such a responsible breeder.
  34. "Boo"
    "It's been a couple of months since Boo has come into our lives. Not a day goes by that I am thankful for him. He brings so much joy and love to our life. He is smart,loving and always by my side. He is such a sport just had neuter surgery and he's not bothered by it at all. I am thinking when he is older maybe I will get a sibling for him and I will definitely be calling Karen again. You can tell they totally love their dogs 🐶." Boo wearing Jammie's instead of his cone.
  35. (Schnoodle)
    Your puppies are so sociable and loving because they have known nothing but loving care. My "Karen 4 pack"are healthy and all have nice temperaments I could easily have a "Karen 100 pack" just after I win the lotto. Everyone around us loves them and they are the best company EVER. Thanks for bringing these amazing companions into this world for all of us to enjoy. Your job is truly A LIFE ENRICHMENT endeavor. The only problem with one of your kids is " how do you just pick one out of your gang!
  36. "Oakly"
    Oakley has mastered shake a paw, sit, lay down, roll over, kisses, twist. Loves to go for walks ( prances) lol. We are still loving every minute 💙 thanks again for such a wonderful pet!
  37. "Sage"
    Sage is sooo smart, never has accidents. I can count on one hand since we got her that she pee's inside and that is because we missed the cue at the door. She is soo funny too. Always has to carry 2 toys in her mouth at once. Loves hide and seek. She is a flirt. Loves the men. Comes between my daughter and her boyfriend. Haha! Thought she hit the lotto when she found my daughters dolls from when she was little. She doesn't chew them, just wants to snuggle with them in her bed
  38. "Charlie"
    Charlie is doing so great. Almost house trained and so fun to play with. He loves to play chase. 😁 We couldn't love him more. He's perfect!! He makes us laugh everyday and so thankful to have found him
  39. "Sonja & Olie"
    "Sonja & Olie"
    Our four legged kids turn 3 this month. They bring us great love and joy every day. Sonja is a little ninja, she likes beating on Olie. Olie loves everyone and likes to sing.
  40. "Murphey"
    This is Murphy a blue merle boy, Born March 10th 2014. Murphy has the absolute sweetest temperament you will ever meet. Not only is he the cutest little schnauzer we have ever seen but he is the kindest little dog we have ever owned. Murphy is my oldest daughters dog, he is super cuddly and super Smart. He loves to play with his favorite friend the orange cat, Hiccup. Murphy is a pleasure to own. We love this little man
  41. "Maggie"
    Maggie she is the best thing we have done and is a special girl !! . She is such a special little being, a real blessing for us.
  42. Blue merle Schnauzer
    Blue merle Schnauzer
    He is doing amazing. Sleeps sound in his kennel--- maybe 10 min of whimpering max a night. Listens well, only one accident so far-- he's an all around amazing dog and we are thrilled about him!!
  43. "Reno"
    Hi Karen, this is steve from fort McMurray. May 6 2014 I picked up a puppy, we named him Reno not sure if you remember however I am interested in a 4 th male schnauzer. He is amazing, hence why we have chosen to contact you again. He's so funny, tough yet extremely loving and cuddly and intelligent!! Let just chalk it up to AMAZING!! A little yappy but with all the positives we can handle that! He's such a great fit in the salon life as well!!
  44. "Poppy"
    I received a 8 week old Schnauzer Mid-March and We are very happy with my little poppy. We live in Ontario but it was my daughter in Calgary who recommend Christian Doodles. She purchased a Schnauzer just over a year ago and KUbo is his name is a great dog. My daughter was very happy, saying Christian Doodles was an excellent breeder to deal with giving them lots of information plus Karen our contact person made sure the new puppy was healthy with various check-ups at there locale vet. So with her recommendation we work with Karon on the purchase of our little ball of joy. I made contact with Karen right around the first week our Schnauzer puppy was born and with Karen’s guidance we made our selection. For the next 8 weeks Karen of Christian Doodles sent progress reports of her development plus lot of pictures. At week 8 our little puppy was sent to us by WestJet and Karen personally took our little Bella to the Edmonton airport and made sure she was comfortable for her flight east. We met the flight in Toronto and her was this little puppy was happy and lying comfortably in her kennel. Karen also sent food and other essentials along with detailed instructions on how to care for our new puppy. My daughter said Christian Doodles does this for all there puppies even if they are going to a local family. As mention above Christian Doodles send there puppies to there vet for check up but sending them to a new home plus they have a information chip placed in all the puppy saving the new owners on having it done. My daughter and I are very happy with Christian Doodles, they gave us both all the help and support needed and even today Karen always makes time to answer any questions. Bella is now 3, 1/2 months old and as you can see just had her first spa day with a cut and style.
  45. "Mabel"
    This is baby Mabel! After plenty of research and speaking with Karen from Christian Doodles we decided it was time to adopt our puppy! Mabel is such a sweet, goofy girl and quite the adventurist! From paddle boarding, boating to biking she's up for anything! She's been very social and loves to play with the kids and other dogs big and small. Everyone she meets adores her! Mabel has been such a joy in our lives! Karen's ongoing support with my many questions has exceeded my expectations of a breeder. I continually text and call with questions or advice and she is ALWAYS there to help!! Thank you Karen and family for everything! Nicole, Leni, Molly and Finn
  46. "Murphy"
    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee customers who are happy Hi Karen and Family I thought Id send you a little note saying thanks for the Joy Murphy has brought into our home. He is now 4 months old, and so sweet 98% of the time! ( the other 2% he is a bit of a terror!) Since picking him up we have had an exciting 2 months. He does everything with us, and especially likes camping. He came to work with me a few days, and is now considered our “shop” dog and customers come in weekly asking for Murphy. I can’t imagine getting a puppy from anyone other than you. Your family, your knowledge and the experience was by far the best. I think its time to get Murphy a buddy, I just have some convincing to do with the husband before I commit! Hopefully the flowers gave you as much happiness and this little guy has given me! Thank you from my family to yours Alicia Dubovsky General Manager Cycle Works Edmonton
  47. "JOY"
    Just wanted to send you a note about our pup. Joy. We just really really love her!! She has such a wonderful personality. She's playful, mischievous( lol and a bit sneaky) smart, loyal, loving... and SO much more. She knows at least ten tricks. And our daughter is still teaching her more. She loves her squeaky toys the best much to all our dismay especially when we are trying to watch a movie haha
  48. "Zizou"
    My name is Claudine and we found Karen at Christian doodles in a referral from my in-laws. We were looking for a family pet and miniature schnauzer were the perfect breed we were looking for. Karen was amazing through this whole process as we have never had a pet before, she was always there for mine many questions I had and always willing to help in any way she could, as nervous and anxious I was she always reassured me how amazing her schnauzer were and she wasn't kidding 😄not only I got to pick my puppy but he was just as awesome as she said! I recommend anyone looking for a puppy to look for Christian doodles as you would get an amazing puppy and reassurance that you Are getting what you paying for which is an amazing, healthy, happy puppy!!! Thank u Karen ❤️
  49. "Oka" Schnoodle
    "Oka" Schnoodle
    About 5 month ago, we lost our beautiful black Schnauzer Brie. We knew our friends in Edmonton, Linda and Sharon, had just purchased a Schnauzer from Christian Doodle Breeder in Edmonton and we were referred to Karen, the owner. As I was looking on their website and saw the availability of the puppies, I right away fell in love with one of their Schnoodle for the amazing colour of her coat. I contacted them right away and applied my deposit to reserve that beautiful puppy that we named OKA. The owner, Karen and her daughters took pictures and videos of our new puppies every week and sent them to us since we live in Toronto and we could not see OKA in person. So we were able to see the evolution of OKA every week. Karen also took the time to educate us on raw food for our new baby… incredible! At the age of 11 weeks, OKA was sent to us via WestJet. When she arrived at the Toronto Airport, we were amazed to see how well she was in her little crate with her mom’s blanket and all the official relevant documents attached to the crate. It has been 4 months now that OKA is with us and we could not be happier with our new baby. I can’t believe how intelligent this dog is. OKA has been the easiest dog to train ever! I would highly recommend Christian Doodle Breeder in Edmonton to anyone looking to purchase a Schnauzer or a doodle. Bernard Thibault and John Hahn proud owners of OKA!